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COVID 19 and Types of Work that Local Companies can Have their Workers do From Home

What you need to know about COVID-19

The first case of Coronaviruses was reported in China in December 2019. Since then, the disease has been spreading across the globe. On Sunday, 15th March, HE. Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of the Republic of Kenya made a presidential decree where he confirmed that the virus was in Kenya. He advised local companies to look into ways through which their employees can work from home.

The impact of COVID-19 virus

Due to the need for seclusion, the economy of the countries affected by the virus will be adversely affected. There are travel bans all over the world, countries are using a lot of resources to prevent the spread of the disease while some countries like China and Italy are on complete lockdown.

Apart from the negative economic impact, the social aspect of people is also affected. People are advised to live in seclusion and to avoid social gatherings.

Seclusion is essential in curtailing the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

How businesses and companies are protecting their workers

The health of the workers cannot be overemphasized. Since COVID-19 is a contagious disease, individuals need to stay away from crowds.  In a bid to protect their workers, companies are asking the workers to work from home.

Working from home minimizes contact with many people, thus lowering the risk of contracting COVID-19.

What type of work can workers do from home in Kenya?

The president of Kenya, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, advised local companies to ask their workers to work from home. He asked the companies to ensure that only critical staff reported to work. The rest of the people should work from home. The big question is, what type of work can be done from home?

In developed countries, working from home is not a new concept. Most people work remotely from the comfort of their homes, thanks to advanced technology. But in Kenya, are we there yet? With the right technological devices, we don’t need to report to our workplace every day.

Types of jobs that can be done from home in Kenya

In Kenya, more than 80% of the population has internet penetration.  These statistics show that many people can work from home since they are already connected. Some of the jobs that can be done from home include;

  • Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Data entry
  • Secretarial jobs
  • Accounting
  • Customer/ client service
  • Help desk services

How do you manage a company remotely?

There is a variety of tools that can be used in management. Applications like basecamp, Buffer, Go to Meeting, slack, and dropbox are essential in remote control management. Read more about them here.

Online freelancing platforms such as skill-link are also a great way of outsourcing contract gigs to freelancers.

The manager can organize his team of workers remotely. He can assign duties, conduct virtual meetings, and have conferences. The workers can also give feedback on their assignments remotely. All that is required is for the workers to have devices like smartphones, iPods, and computers among other devices that are connected via the internet.

Virtual Assistance

Secretarial roles can be accomplished remotely. Through the virtual office, the virtual assistant does all the duties of a secretary remotely. For example, a secretary can receive instructions from the manager and disseminate it to the relevant people remotely all from the comfort of their home.

Letters, meeting notes, and minutes can be dictated to the secretary, who later transcribes them. The secretary can also update people through the various platforms available for the company.

Sales and Marketing

Technology has made it easy for companies and businesses to deal with goods and services. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Sales and marketing representatives can also market and sell goods and services from home.

Accounting jobs

Accounting jobs can be done remotely. Customers/ clients can pay for goods and services using cashless platforms. The accountants can balance the book of accounts from home and prepare the necessary documents. These documents can be shared with the relevant people through email or other available platforms.

 Customer/ client service

Customers/clients’ issues can be attended through phone calls or emails.  Surprisingly, moving the customer service desk home will ease congestions in the reception area of a company. The time taken to respond to customer’s queries is also short compared to time spent in a physical office. 

Data entry jobs

Data entry jobs can be done from home. Data entry entails putting data into a computer from non-electronic sources.  Companies need their day to day operations to be fed into a computer. An employee does not need to report to work to do this. The necessary data can be passed on to the employee through various internet document sharing mediums.

Help desk services

To get help from any organization, you need not visit the organization’s offices physically. A company’s help desk can be handled from home. The company should ensure that there is an officer on standby to answer queries.

Online teaching

All the learning institutions will be closed down by the end of the week. However, learning can still go on through virtual classrooms. The educators in various institutions can prepare and send learning notes to the learners from home. Establishment of open discussion forums for class discussions should be encouraged.

The list of jobs done from home is long. Read more on these here. Like many developed countries, it is time for Kenya to embrace working remotely. Working remotely saves on time and space thus improves the economy of a country.