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Why Online work? 10 Major Advantages of Working Online

If you have some experience of ‘tarmacking’, looking for a job in Kenya, then you know what a terrible experience it is. Many times, after numerous failed attempts, people end up having to look for other alternative income generating ventures. Today, one of the most lucrative alternatives is working online as a freelancer. But why online work?

Major Advantages of Working Online

Has it ever crossed your mind that you could actually make much more money from the comfort of your couch at home than you could at some of those office jobs that most of us are always looking for? All you need to do is have a computer and stable internet connection and you are good to go. The following are some of the advantages of working online

1.  Independence


Let’s face it, how many people love being bossed around? In many cases, online work makes you your own boss. There are online jobs that allow you to set your own deadlines and you have the choice of going for jobs that work to your convenience.

2.  Numerous Opportunities

The internet is loaded with income generating opportunities. As an online worker, you only need to choose something that suits your personality, career, or interest. Then go on and maintain consistency, never stop learning and improving on yourself. One thing I have learned with online work is that as long as you maintain consistency, you can always get better pay for very easy tasks.

3.   Flexibility

Working online does not fix you to work from 8am-5pm. You can choose the most appropriate time for work as well as secure time for other activities such as family time. As long as one maintains self-discipline, and sets all priorities right, online work is one of the most flexible opportunities available.

4.   Stressfree



Agreed, online work can also give you pressure at times. Take, for instance, blogging and freelance writing. You might be required to submit numerous articles within a short time frame but this cannot compare to office work. Why? you ask. To start with, you are doing things you love (you chose what works for you, remember?), and what’s more, more pressure means more money and last time I checked, money was ‘sabuni ya roho’.

5.      Affordability

As earlier mentioned, the basic requirements for starting off online work are a computer and reliable internet connection. Some internet tasks can even be done via your smartphone! Online work also exempts you from investing in formal dressing, daily matatu hustles, and other commuting escapades.

6.      No Petty Office Politics

Most working places and especially open offices are characterized by petty politics and unfounded rivalry between co-workers. Agreed, there can be healthy competition, which is alright. However, many times the competition is not work-related, and office small talk often affects one’s productivity. Online work rarely subjects you to mental pressure and thus you only strive to become better today than you were yesterday. You work in peace.

7.      No Retrenchment or Layoff Fears

Given the different trends in economic and financial sustainability, many employers may need to reduce their number of employees. Many times employees depend on lady luck to be safe from layoffs. With online work, you safely get rid of such fears as you work on your own and can work on many platforms at the same time.

8.      You Can Create an Investment

By consistently working online. You can grow your skills and reputation to a point where you become a brand. Once an individual has become a renowned online brand, the money will easily and reliably come rolling in.

9.      More Income



With consistency and stability, one can generate more income from online jobs than at many other jobs. You only need to focus on building yourself as a blogger, build your site, and before you know it, advertisers will be looking to have their advertisements on your website.

10. Holistic Growth

Many online jobs are not geographically limited. For instance, in writing, you can write for bloggers from different parts of the world. This allows you to interconnect and you get to know very many things from different parts of this global village. This exposure allows you to grow as a person while also learning lots of things.




There is no limit to the amount of income that can be derived from completing easy online tasks. It all boils down to good planning, setting your priorities right, and self-discipline. Do this and from doing something you enjoy; you might just be the next millionaire, all thanks to online jobs.