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Want to Be Your Own Boss? Freelancing Disclaimer!

Your plan is to take the freelancing world by storm, raking up all the clients and profits in grand style. However, two months later, you are convinced the freelance market is not all it looked like. You do not seem to get the jobs you are bidding for and clients are not lining up to get a piece of your amazing skills. It was not supposed to be like this! Maybe nobody told you the whole truth about freelancing.

The Truth about Freelancing

Believe it or not, this is something a lot of freelancing newbies struggle with. It is really hard to get clients to trust anybody who does not have any ratings or reviews on the freelancing website. But how can you get those reviews if no one is willing to give you a chance? It is a terrible dilemma that tons of new freelancers find themselves facing every day. But, don’t go back to your day job just yet!

Consider this: there were more than 13 million people registered on Upwork alone by 2014. More recent statistics show that as much as 35 percent of the American population now work as freelancers. That is a whole lot of people!

While it is possible to live the dream through freelancing, do not ignore its realities either. Becoming a freelancer turns you into a business owner, with you as the sole employee. This means that you are responsible for every aspect of this new business.

Does that sound a little intimidating? Good, because you should ask yourself some tough questions before turning to freelancing, just as you would any other career.

Before taking the plunge, ask yourself:

  •    Do you love (insert what you want to do here)?

Whether your skill is writing, coding, transcribing, data entry, or SEO, do you really love it enough to do it every single day? You might get other jobs that require other tasks, but 90 percent of your work will revolve around this core skill. Make sure you are ready to make that commitment before taking the freelancing route.

  •    Are you self-disciplined?

Working from home is great and all, but you really need to be focused, self-disciplined, and detail oriented if you want to succeed. If working from home is your chance to turn every day into a party, then you will fail horribly! Your ability to produce great work within set deadlines will help your career grow.

  •    How do you handle rejection?

You will most likely fail to land a job you really wanted, especially as you start off your freelancing career. So, how well do you handle rejection? If you are the type of person to get bogged down by discouragement every time this happens, then freelancing is probably not for you.

  •    How about criticism?

When working with a client directly, your work will be critiqued more often. It is common industry practice to receive requests for revision. So, will you go Hulk anytime someone says something negative about your work? You have to be able to take constructive criticism in a positive way.

The Internet has made remote online work even more popular in recent years. If you are thinking about making a career change, it is important to understand that freelancing is a very competitive industry. You will definitely need to bring your A-game to succeed.