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There is always someone out there to help you out!

My name is Josephine Mburugu, a mother of two and I love to write. Ever since I can remember, I have always written about one thing or the other. However, I could not make much of my writing skills until I had someone to hold my hand.

My interest in writing started when I was a very young girl with a lot of encouragement from my mother who was a teacher then. She made sure I had all the storybooks and rainbow magazines at my disposal and every week, she would task me to do a summary of what I had read for the week. I looked forward to writing down my reviews and her encouragement never wavered.

I continued my writing zeal to high school where I made sure that I remained among the top in English literature and composition. One teacher especially helped to shape my journey into writing and reading. This was the late Drama and literature maestro, Mr. Barnabas Kasigwa. By the time I was in second-form, I had read, every James Hardly Chase, a good collection of Mills and Boons, Danielle Steele’s thrillers and every other writer I could lay my hands on. I continued with my love for English when I took up literature as one of the main subjects in “A” levels.

Things, however, took a different turn, when I took a completely new path in college. My dream was always to become a journalist or a writer. That was not to be because I delved into the world of accounting. Being an accountant did not stop me from writing, and occasionally, when I got the chance to, I would still write about anything and everything.

I kept up with my writing by posting regularly on social media and got encouragement from so many of my friends to take up writing as a career. For years, I toyed with the idea but I did not have the confidence to do so. Writing professionally required discipline, good grammar, excellent punctuation and commitment. Whatever I wrote was good but lacked decorum and so I shelved off the idea of writing for money.

Things changed when I found myself in the cold with no job and a business that was giving me frequent headaches. I needed to find other ways of making money and fast. I revisited the article writing issue and a friend introduced me to Walter Akolo.

Walter was very encouraging. He offered to train me but I did not have the time. He did not give up on me but said he would introduce me to somebody that would help me with my article-writing journey. That is how my journey with Timothy Munene began.

I sent an email to Timothy, told him I was completely ignorant of what goes on in article writing and that I really needed a paying writing gig. Timothy gave me a very simple test article, which I completely messed up. The grammar was great, the punctuation was terrible. The title was in all CAPS, the sentences and paragraphs were too long, my formatting was something he had never seen before. Timothy pointed out the mistakes but said he was willing to give me a writing job and train me as well.

In January of last year, I got my first writing job. I cannot remember what the article was but I did and redid it about four times before I finally got it right. Timothy did not give up on me and I too did not give up. I kept trying until I finally got it right. The best news was he actually paid me for that article as terrible as I was. With his guidance, I was finally able to write articles without asking him a thousand questions like what an anchor test is or what and how to use hyperlinks. Looking back at the silly questions I asked Timothy, I still get shocked at his patience then and now.

One year down the line, I consider myself a good article writer all thanks to someone that never gave up on me. I am a full-time article writer now and even though I have not spread my wings to set up my own account, I am very confident that when I do, it will be worthwhile.

No one is perfect. I also have a long way to go to before I consider myself as one of the crème de la crème in freelance article writing. However, it is a journey worth trying. It pays the bills and it is fun.  Because of the diversity of the topics that I write on, I have also learned a lot.

My only regret is taking too long to start this wonderful and exciting venture. However, as the saying goes, it is never too late to start. The best part of freelance online article writing is that there is always someone on hand to help when you are ready.