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Simple Online Jobs That Can Make You Good Money

Many Kenyans have come to learn the hard way that possessing a diploma or a university degree is not a guarantee to securing a job. Many Kenyans have found themselves pushed to small businesses such as selling mitumba (second-hand clothes), becoming boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) riders, matatu operators or small time greengrocery business. As the small businesses become crowded and profits dwindle, a whole new world is opening up as Kenyans discover that they can create regular incomes working online.

Below are some of the popular simple jobs that Kenyans can take up.

Data Entry


Data entry could be compared with what was referred to as a copy typist job years ago. Data entry refers to keying in information from a scanned document into a Word or Excel document.

It could also involve copy-pasting information from one form to another coupled with minimal research such as adding some extra addresses or names, which would need to be researched.

Data entry does not require complicated technical skills. It is important to have good typing speed and to be able to proofread one’s work accurately. The pay is not as competitive as that of more technical jobs, and it could get boring. It is a good place to begin an online career, but one should not stay there for too long. Invest in acquiring some skills then progress to something more technical.

Virtual Assistant

This could compare with a personal assistant job, only that it is virtual. It refers to being someone’s assistant, in most cases a busy person.

Virtual assistant duties include day to day tasks such as maintaining diaries, setting up appointments, making telephone calls, managing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The client could send unedited content such as updates or videos and the virtual assistant edits and posts it.

There are diverse duties for a virtual assistant, so it is important to sit down and come up with a clear job description before seeking out this line of work. Always come out clearly about the services you offer. Also, determine in advance how much workload you can handle and how many hours you will work per week.

Do some research to familiarize yourself with how much virtual assistants charge and for what sort of responsibilities. That will guide you as you set your fees, which needs to be done in advance. Be clear about what jobs you will accept and what sort of pay you are willing to take otherwise you could end up accepting jobs that are beneath you.

Online Writing

A career in online writing does not require formal training such as a degree in English or journalism. It does, however, require a good command of the English language, understanding about plagiarism and the ability to produce quality work within the given deadlines.

An online writer needs to be disciplined in order to be successful in this line of work. The ability to minimize distractions and to focus on an assignment is very important. The more one writes, the better one gets and the higher the fees one is able to charge. It is advisable for a writer to write even when there is no assignment to handle. Write about topics that interest you and about observations that you make; this will help improve your skill and knowledge.

Online platforms such as Upwork, Iwriter, Guru, and Freelancer are a great place to start one’s writing career. A new writer on Upwork can earn around US$5 for every 500 words, and that pay could increase to US$100 or more for an experienced writer.

These platforms are very competitive, and one needs to be ready to battle other freelancers for jobs.

For online writing jobs, one can receive their pay through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or Mpesa.

Joining relevant online communities such as online article writers Kenya helps to shorten one’s learning curve as one learns from the experiences of others. It also helps one to avoid pitfalls such as cyber crimes. Some new writers have fallen victim to criminals who pretend to be selling accounts only for those accounts to turn out to be fake after payment has been remitted.

Perfecting one’s writing skills can lead to a long-term and rewarding career. There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web. These websites rely on great content to avoid becoming outdated. They need to be regularly updated in order to retain high rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The demand for well-written content is constantly growing.

Online jobs are even listed on OLX. As one becomes experienced as a writer, it becomes easier to pitch customers directly and charge the fees one deserves as some Kenyan online writers are already doing.

Content Re-Writing

Content re-writing differs from article writing which refers to coming up with original content to match a given topic or keywords. Content re-writing refers to being given an already existing article and changing it according to given instructions. Changes involve the phrases used, the flow of ideas, paragraph placement and sub-headings used.

In content re-writing, one can add new information to improve on an article, update outdated information, and improve on the language used. Re-writing an article takes less time than coming up with an original article.

Writing EBooks

Amazon Kindle is the best-known platform for selling EBooks. Most authors of EBooks are not the real writers as they hire ghostwriters to write on their behalf. One does not need to be an expert in any field in order to be an author of an EBook. Ghostwriters can be hired from platforms such as Upwork, Iwriter, Guru, and Freelancer.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate promotes services or goods on behalf of someone else. The affiliate deals with promoting what is being sold and directs the customers to the merchant, who handles the sales. The merchant pays the affiliate an agreed amount for every completed sale which is a percentage of the sale price.

There is a wide selection of goods that an affiliate can sell such as books, dietary supplements, software, electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and clothing items. There are numerous advantages of affiliate marketing such as not having to purchase and stock products since the merchant handles the sales.

Affiliate marketing is possible on platforms such as Amazon, Jumia Kenya, and Wingsion Store.

Network Marketing


Network marketing falls within the category of affiliate marketing. The unique aspect of network marketing is that the people working are paid not only for the sales they are able to make personally but also for sales accrued by the people they introduce into the business. Network marketing is also referred to as multi-level marketing because of the hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

Network marketing companies have come a long way, with many companies no longer requiring their sales force to purchase large volumes of stock to try and retail to people in their circles such as family, colleagues and neighbors, a practice that made this model of business very unpopular in the past.

Upon registering for a network marketing opportunity, the marketer gets a personalized website which is affiliated with the company’s website. The marketer does the work of promoting the services or products, and the manufacturer takes over the sales process and pays an agreed amount as a commission.

Global network marketing companies pay directly to the affiliates’ bank accounts around the world.

Online Forex Trading



Trading of Forex on online platforms such as iTrader refers to a decentralized global market where currency trading takes place. Trading of shares and stocks is an income generating activity that can be considered high risk but can be very rewarding.

Online shops

Businesses that have been known to operate offline such as mtumba (second-hand clothes) and mama mboga (greengrocers) are moving to online platforms such as Facebook and payments are made through Mpesa, which allows customers to make payments conveniently and without incurring any extra charges.

Commodities such as clothes, handbags, shoes, perfumes, and kitchenware are also sold through online shops.


A blog is a kind of online personal journal that one uses to express themselves to the world. It is a platform that one uses to share one’s thought, passions, and ideas. The owner of the blog updates it frequently.

Some blogging platforms such as Google Blogger and WordPress are very popular and provide bloggers with free platforms. There are many ways for bloggers to earn income. They can earn from online advertising platforms such as Google AdSense, or they can promote goods or services as affiliate marketers. Some Kenyan blogs such as entertainment and gossip blogs earn 6-figure incomes.

Web Design



A web designer’s work involves designing and coding websites.  A relevant certificate is helpful for this line of work but not mandatory. The use of design software such as Illustrator and Photoshop and coding software like HTML is mandatory. Extensive experience is also very important so the more you work, the better you become.

A web designer can be employed, but many of them prefer to do freelance work. They work largely from home with occasional travel to hold meetings with clients and to consult. Web design careers are among the highest paying online jobs. A single job can pay a six-figure income, and as long as one is good at what they do and carries themselves professionally, there is big potential for return jobs as well as referrals.

Software Development

Software development is a very technical line of work. It basically involves developing computer applications that help execute different tasks.

A software developer handles all matters to do with the software development process from research to design, programming, testing, and maintenance. Ability to program using software such as Javascript is crucial.

Software Development is a high paying line of work, and the possibilities are unlimited. Software developers can be employed, or they can work as freelancers and approach clients directly for jobs or upload their profiles on platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer.




Technology has disrupted many areas of life including the way people earn income. Many jobs are becoming obsolete as they get overtaken by technology. Making money working online is the way for the future.