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Online Work is Real Work

Topic: To survive the new normal you have to get innovative
Theme: Online Work is real Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid a fatal blow to the majority of employees all over the world. Almost all industrial sectors have laid off a significant percentage of their employees. The question remains where will these employees go? Most of these employees do not have multiple skills or different proficiencies to allow them to venture into different work settings during this pandemic. A side effect of the pandemic is that employees have turned to work from home. Online conferencing among other interactions means have helped keep most corporate businesses afloat. It is paramount that people adapt to the pandemic and the probable recession that will hit the economy. Therefore, everyone needs to develop a new set of skills to evolve into the new world order. There are various types of online work that anyone can develop over a few weeks. For example, conducting online surveys, transcribing, blogging, freelance writing, becoming a medium writer, proofreading, or taking small micro-tasks. Online work is real work because it acts as a supplement job for a majority of people. Here are some online jobs and what they entail.

1. Participating in online surveys
Online surveys are an easy way to make some extra side money. All you need to do is download some survey applications that can be found online. By completing the stipulated surveys in your free time, you get to earn some money in the process. The good thing about online surveys is that they don’t take up much of your time and you can easily participate using your mobile phone. There are people who fear online work because they imagine it is all about rewriting and typesetting. Most of these surveys are for marketing purposes and they do not require too much typing. It is approximated that participants can make up to $20 per hour! Additionally, these surveys are inclusive of a lot of topics and you can choose to participate in your favorite one.

2. Transcribing
Transcribing is an online skill that involves writing out audio or video into text. Transcribing involves carefully listening to audio notes or videos of discussions or meetings and writing them out into text. Transcribing can be done by enrolling into platforms like Verbit which offer these tasks. This is an online skill that requires the transcriber to very keen and pay a lot of attention to detail. This is because some of the speakers in these audio and video notes tend to speak in not so audible languages which can be cumbersome to decipher. By perfecting your skill, you can earn up to $3 per hour. Tasks in the transcribing sector can include medical transcribing, or editing transcripts for courts hence it is essential that you are ready to deliver exemplary work.

3. Virtual assistant
This is a relatively easy online skill that can be performed by almost anyone. A virtual assistant is someone who performs basic tasks for a client. These tasks can include customer support, administration, or scheduling. Clients can include individuals or whole businesses. Sites like FlexJobs offer work to virtual assistants.

4. Completing small micro-tasks
Such tasks include data entry, editing, captioning, tagging photos, and keyword searches. There are companies who prefer to work with online workers at their convenience. Such services as effective because they can be accessed 24 hours a day from different online workers all over the world. An example website offering this service is Mechanical Turk offering independent contractors these micro-tasks.

5. Proofreading
This is an essential online writing skill that requires the worker to have impeccable grammar skills. Proofreading does not require you write everything from scratch. It is an easy job of identifying grammatical errors that may be present in assignments, reports, and other documents. Freelancing websites like JournalismJobs offer proofreading jobs to prospective clients.

6. Blogging
Blogging requires that you have a healthy and popular social media presence. Blogger often enjoy this lucrative business where they earn money from advertising, selling digital products, and affiliate marketing. Nowadays services are sold online. Bloggers take up the opportunity to sell these services e.g. one to one coaching. However, blogging requires that your blog gains popularity and traction before you can be recognized by any prospective clients. The waiting process can take months or even years before people get to know and view your blog frequently.

7. Freelance writing
Freelance writing is a vast sector with multiple types of writing to engage in. They include technical writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, content writing, academic writing, and rewriting among others. It is very helpful to develop a specialty in freelance writing. This allows you to create better content for clients who may keep on giving you additional work all the time. Content writers research on content for websites and write according to their clients specifications regarding the website or product on their website. Some of the best freelancing websites include fiverr, upwork, freelancer, and guru among others.

8. Become a YouTuber
There are immense ways you can earn money from youtube. By creating unique video content, you can amass subscribers and get paid according to the hours viewed on your platform. It probably takes a while and a significant amount of effort before you can begin earning on the site. Additionally, podcasts are an alternative method to generate unique content. Podcasts can be made available for Apple, Android, and Spotify.

9. Graphic Designer
This is a skill that can be developed easily and perfected over time. Through creativity and innovativeness graphic designers develop logos, wedding cards, posters, billboards, and business cards among others. You do not have to be a skilled graphic designer to develop a product and sell it to prospective online clients. Applications like Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Creative Cloud may be used in these graphic designs. Additionally, there are other dynamic graphic design websites like PicMonkey or Canva. Skilled graphic designers could earn up to $100 an hour. Graphic designing requires focus and creativity to keep on growing.
It is not the time to give up because of the pandemic. Develop an online skill today and gain access to the immense online industry. Prospective workers can always research the best online niche for them and start earning almost immediately.