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Online Work is Indeed Work

Hi, I’m David, a fourth-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology. I attended the first AjiraDigital training in 2017. I would say it was such a nice experience during the one-week training. I was encouraged to work online more and it is during the training that I got to embrace the fact that online work is indeed work.

I had the zeal to work online since I joined the university. I used to write a lot during my young age and I didn’t know how I would earn from my skill. I met a friend during my second year of university studies. He had started working online writing articles for clients from abroad. He used to challenge me with the tasks he was having and I got interested to join him in the work.

During my second year, I worked at learning the skills required in online work such as avoiding plagiarism and creating quality work. My friend greatly helped me in learning the skills. I later joined him in the work and I started earning some money the little work I could handle. It was really challenging as a newbie.

It was tough learning but with time I managed to adapt. I got challenged by other friends who were also in the business and I took it positively. I struggled in the work for a long period until early this year when I applied for the Kenya Government AjiraDigital training program and I was selected to attend classroom 1.

The training was a major encouragement for me to continue working online. There are times I used to feel like I was working too much and not earning enough. I even thought of quitting online work. The AjiraDigital training course enlightened me on how to “make it” working online. It was a great experience during the one-week period to hear about other online work opportunities that are available for any able freelancer.

Thank you Ajira for enlightening us more about online work.

For the last several months, I have been consistently working online as a writer. I am loving it and I want to keep working online.

Skills learned during the training have been very helpful in my work. I heartily appreciate AjiraDigital for helping in my Online work endeavour.

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