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Online jobs: Are they genuine or a waste of time and money?

My name is Naomie Ramtu-Olando, a part-time online worker who enjoys writing articles.

We live in a society where everything is quantified in terms of money. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the entertainment spots we visit; and the pressure is to get the very best. It is no wonder that people are looking for alternative online jobs means to make extra income.

The need for more money brought about the introduction of online jobs as another convenient source of income. But what exactly are online jobs? How are they a solution to the ever-rising levels of poverty? Let’s try and demystify this new and rising trend.

The good, the bad and the ugly side of working online

If there is anything that Kenyans love, it is following what is trending and what is popular. There was a time finding a fully packed cyber café was an abnormal phenomenon, considering it was deemed as a place for students to do their research or the worldly who wanted to network with pen pals from across the world.

Fast forward to the new millennium, especially around 2010, a wave of online job seekers cropped up. Cybers were full of people trying to meet deadlines for online jobs. The interest grew, some quit their jobs to do online work on a full-time basis, and stay-at-home mothers found work that they could do from the comfort of their homes. In a nutshell, everybody seemed to be into online work. Like any popular thing, working online has its good, its bad, and its ugly side.

The good

Having done online jobs personally, I can testify that I have had a good run with the online jobs. What is good about them is the fact that:

  1. You can work from the convenience of your home, especially if you have good internet connection
  2. You can choose to work during hours that are convenient to you.
  3. With some clients, you can receive payment on the same day.
  4. There is a wide selection of topics to choose from, and you can choose a field that you love
  5. There is no boss to hover behind your back all day

The bad

Online jobs have attracted both good and bad publicity. Hackers and bad clients have taken the opportunity to swindle job seekers by introducing all kinds of cons to take advantage of innocent people.

Another problem is getting clients who you will work for, but when it comes to payment, they default and come up with excuses.

The ugly

There are some pretty ugly things that one can encounter in online work. Some people might use online jobs to hack individual’s accounts and take away all their money. Some clients are also evil hearted and they can cause you to get your name blacklisted in the freelancing platforms spoiling your reputation among online professionals.


The best way to do online work is if you get a referral. With most people doing online jobs, it is easy to get referrals. I would suggest linking up with experienced credible online workers to mentor you.

Good examples of mentors in Kenya include Walter Akolo of and Timothy Munene of They can train you and link you up with credible online jobs.