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My Freelancing Experience as a Newbie in Online Content Writing

“Where do you work?”  “What do you do? “ Did you get a Job?” These are all familiar questions after graduation. Of course, my answer always raises questions coz most people do not understand how you write and get paid without going out of the house to a specific workplace.

My name is Margaret or Maggie and I am not your ordinary girl or so I like to believe. My journey as an online writer began more than two years ago when I was still a student and finding a job during the long holidays proved to be a pain but a girl had to make money! Today I write and follow my passion teaching children how to care for our environment. But how did my journey begin?

I can’t say I stumbled on online content writing by chance but rather through the connection of a friend from high school who referred me to another reliable person. I could say a lot about the two but the most important part is that I finally found a niche I could thrive in and make money. It was not easy; I had to learn the rules of different writing styles that our school system is mostly inadequate in addressing. I am still learning but I am better than I was before.

I remember my first assignment was based on nursing and with no background on how to do it and a limit of six hours my head told me ‘you can’t do it’ but I had to push harder. One week, many sleepless nights later I was taking tougher jobs and doing them well, I was making money. I have shifted from one job offer to another mainly for the pay since different offers come with varying pay; some higher some really low.

There are many forms of online work, I have experience with academic writing and content writing each different from the other. For most people, academic writing is taxing since there are many instructions to follow while content writing mainly depends on your creativity. Following instructions and self-management are crucial for any writing job since the more quality jobs you deliver the higher your pay.

Since I began writing as a student, getting stressed about pocket money became a non-issue and the tarmacking after campus is not as difficult as it would have been without writing to pay my bills including fees. Even better, I have managed to pursue other goals since the hours are flexible making it the free environment you would want to work in.

It is not all rosy, I have met cons who have failed to pay for work done meaning I have had difficult months. However, since the government came through to make it possible for more Kenyans to work online through the AjiraDigital Kenya Government Program, the freelance experience has been made easier for beginners. New freelancers have a better shot getting trained for the job and they are guided on how to get clients who pay for the work.

I am still gaining experience as a content writer with the long-term goal of connecting more youths to freelancing in a bid to beat the current unemployment crises in the country. If you are still looking for work and hitting dead ends, its time you considered freelancing. Here there are lots of opportunities that allow you to enjoy financial freedom while still pursuing your personal ambitions.

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