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How to make money online as a stay-at-home-mom in Kenya

My name is Susan Catherine Keter. I was a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) for 12 years while my children were little. I will share tips on how SAHMs can live a fulfilling life without interfering with the important role of raising the babies.

Being a Stay-at-Home-mom is a full-time job. A SAHM often wakes up earlier than everyone else in the family and retires last. The working hours are even more taxing when the babies are small. Unfortunately, this very demanding full-time job comes without a paycheck, albeit being quite fulfilling.

At the end of the day, a SAHM has needs just like everyone else. She needs to look good and that costs money. Buying decent clothing, having her hair done, keeping in touch with friends and family – all these things cost money.

Being a SAHM exposes one to a lot of valuable experiences. One becomes an expert in cooking different dishes, hosting guests, time management, training of babies and little children, different kinds of home remedies and so much more. The good news is that there are countless people out there who would benefit from all that information.

Technology has opened a world of opportunities for SAHMs to earn income working part-time from home. The number one step to take as you prepare to earn income from home as a SAHM is to get yourself a computer and a smartphone. Then get access to some reliable Internet connection. Ensure to set aside a quiet corner in the house to serve as your office.

How to make technology work for you as a SAHM

I always say that if you bake the yummiest cakes on the planet and they are sitting on your kitchen table while no one knows anything about them, you are loosing out in business. That is just a hobby! You are an expert in your field as a home manager but if no one knows about your expertise, you are loosing out on business and money!


Setting up a blog is a great way to get the word out about what you have to offer to the world. A blog enables you to engage your audience, unlike a website. Select a niche, maybe a food blog where you can share different unique recipes. You might also focus on home decoration, training of little children, home remedies, kitchen gardening, and so many other things that SAHMs are good at!

Do some research in order to find out what gap you can fill in society. Social media discussions can help you learn about issues that need addressing.

Set up a free blog such as Google Blogger or WordPress. Choose a catchy but relevant name for your blog. Begin with a plan for your blog based on what you want to achieve.

A blog needs to be updated frequently so plan how you will be generating content.

Will you be taking photos of different dishes that you cook or ingredients in the kitchen cabinet that you recommend for your home remedies? If so, then a smartphone will come in handy.

Build a following on your blog

Having a loyal following is critical to success as a blogger. You might be an expert in something really useful and your blog might contain the best information but what good will that do if you don’t have a steady stream of people who read and appreciate your content?

Begin by understanding your target audience and their needs. Provide content that is helpful to them and they will always come back for more. Help them solve real problems that affect them and they will be loyal. Give people value.

When it comes to online marketing, social media is king

Engage on key social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is not necessary to spread yourself too thin by trying to be on all social media platforms; which are too many nowadays. Find out the specific platforms where you get the best results and put your focus there.

Be creative. Facebook groups are a great way to build a fan base. Start a Facebook page with a clear focus; marriage, parenting, cooking, kitchen gardening or how to earn extra income working from home. Research widely in your chosen field and give people value.

Here’s how to make money from a blog

Affiliate income is the most popular way to earn income as a blogger. This means that you join an affiliate marketing platform and promote products. By giving people useful information on your site, you can share links on your blog to different products. You will then earn commissions whenever someone buys these products through your link.

There are many other ways you can earn income as a blogger. We shall be exploring these deeper in future articles.

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