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How a stay-at-home mom can make money blogging from home

My name is Susan Catherine Keter. I spent years as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) before I became a work-from-home mom.

Your time at home with the kids has most probably given you a wide range of experience that you can share with the world. Maybe you have become an expert in preparing traditional dishes, in managing natural hair at home or in home remedies.

If you are passionate about a topic, you can set up a blog and share your knowledge with the world. The great news is that you do not have to know everything since you can research further on your topic of choice.

You can set up a free blog and get started on your blogging journey. A blog needs to be updated 2 or 3 times a week if you intend to build a following so you need to plan how you will generate fresh, engaging and well-researched content.

The truth of the matter is that your content alone is unlikely to generate income for you but it will open doors for other streams of income.  One way that your blog can generate income is through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is referral marketing or sharing profits between a marketer and the individual or company that owns the products or services you market. You make money by promoting products or services online for commissions.

This means that you make money by driving online traffic to the website of a merchant, who is either the manufacturer or the retailer of the products.

A SAHM can create her own products such as training tools or recipes to promote through her blog or she can promote third party products or services. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing so as an affiliate, you only get paid when a sale is made.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest home-based businesses a SAHM can start especially because it is free to join. Startup capital is one major obstacle in a SAHM’s dream of earning income from home.

In affiliate marketing, there is no need to produce or stock any products so the costs that are involved with running a shop – including an online shop – are eliminated.

Affiliate marketing is also a favorite of SAHMs because no special skills are required. A SAHM just needs to complete a form and is ready to get started.

Affiliate marketing offers a wide range of products, marketing platforms, and markets to choose from. Household items, eBooks, training tools, personal care items, toys and countless other products are available on affiliate marketing platforms.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Get-rich-quick scheme?

Do not imagine that all that you need to do is to set up an affiliate marketing site and dollars will flow into your bank account like flash floods during the rainy season.

Affiliate marketing is real work. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will need to invest in knowledge, acquire skills and put in the work. To build a successful affiliate marketing income, you will need to invest in learning Internet marketing skills.

Affiliate marketing requires consistent effort. You will also probably have to generate tons of content before you can create a substantial income. There is need to not only attract a flow of people to your site but to convince at least some of them to buy.

Do not fall into Internet scams that tell you that you need to pay some guru a handsome amount of your hard-earned cash in order to be taught some secrets to become an overnight millionaire. There is no shortcut to success.

The Internet is a wealth of information and you will find a lot of helpful blogs, websites, and videos to guide you on the road to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

You will practice what you learn, make mistakes and learn through experience what works for you and you will continuously better understand your target audience.

What will you market?

Choose quality affiliate products or services that match your niche, those that you can be passionate about. You do not have to restrict yourself to any particular product.

Give yourself permission to experiment with different products and you will eventually discover what works for you.

Your niche might be food and you could choose relevant products such as cookware to promote. Do not become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Select a niche and a credible affiliate marketing platform then give it your all. Do your research before you make such decisions. Don’t do something simply because you have seen it working for someone else.

Become a good manager of your time

Being a SAHM is a tough job. You can easily find yourself with no time to build your career from home, especially if your children are preschoolers. Outsource routine duties such as doing the laundry and ironing so that you can free up time for income-generating activities.

Set daily schedules, give yourself targets, commit to continuous learning, evaluate your progress and make modifications as you learn and grow. Joining relevant online communities will shorten your learning curve.

Remember that people will be sold out to your blog because of the value you give them; so do not focus on trying to make a sale but on informing, engaging and entertaining your audience. Keep people engaged and they will keep on coming back for more.

Passive Income

Affiliate marketing does require consistent effort at least in the initial stages but if you do it right, you can earn passive income once you get the flow of things right. This can free up time for you to focus more on your family or to nurture your hobbies.


The Internet has transformed the world into a global village and as e-commerce grows around the world, affiliate marketing will gain popularity as a viable way to earn income. This is something that a SAHM can do in her free time, and with time, it can grow into a full-time income.