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Help! My Upwork Registration was Rejected!

Many guys have had their registration attempts at Upwork rejected. This is very frustrating especially after spending a lot of time trying to come up with the best profile. Why did Upwork reject your profile?

Upwork is the world’s leading Freelancing platform. It is understandable that any aspiring freelancer would want to have a profile on Upwork. Currently, Upwork has more than 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million clients. As it is, the competition for jobs among the already registered freelancers is quite high.

Many people are turning to online work or freelancing after losing out on all other opportunities. Online work, like any other work, requires individuals who are skilled, people who can provide quality, and people who are professional in their work ethics. Online clients, like any other client, need the best results for their jobs.

There are many people who are registered on Upwork and many are yet to land a single job. It makes sense for Upwork to filter out some of the people who register. Upwork, like any worthwhile organization, would like to limit its workforce to only the best freelancers.


When registering at Upwork…

  • Write a clear and concise title highlighting your skills and expertise.
  • In the title, focus on a particular skill. Do not include many skills, especially conflicting skills like graphic design and transcription.
  • Use a professional clear photo of yourself.
  • It is very important to write a professional overview when applying at Upwork. Try to provide brief but strong points to make your registration stand out. Use strong keywords to showcase your skills and professionalism. Do not be shy to brag about your skills!
  • Please ensure that your overview is in good clear language, especially if applying in a languages oriented niche.
  • Try to include several “RELATED” skills in the ‘skills section’ to show broad knowledge in your field.
  • Provide additional material to support your profile. For example, you can attempt some of the tests, attach work samples in the portfolio section, cite your certificates/ education, past work, or even upload a video! More about this will be explained in a later article.
  • Do not provide false information! This is a sure way to get your profile rejected. Upwork moderators are trained to pick false or overly exaggerated claims in profiles.

Final Thoughts

I would advise anyone interested in online work, or freelancing, to first ensure that they have some basic skills related to the services they want to provide. For example, it is not right to register as a writer when you cannot spell or put together a grammatically correct sentence.

Although Upwork is the leading platform for online jobs, it is not the only avenue through which one can work. There are many other platforms such as Guru, Freelancer, Fiver, and many other platforms that a simple google search will reveal.

Do not restrict yourself. Use any available platform to look for job opportunities. You only need to be careful not to get swindled!

I would also suggest cold pitching clients. This is where you approach clients directly. I will be sharing several sites where you can cold pitch clients directly.

Best of luck!