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GURU: Simple Step By Step Guide for Kenyans on How to Register and Create the Best Profile On Guru

Guru is an online site where clients post hundreds of jobs and freelance job seekers can apply for them. Now, in order to catch the attention of a potential client, you will need to have a profile that displays you as an excellent freelancer.

By following the guidelines below, you can be sure to land some of the best clients on Guru.

Step By Step Guide on Creating the Best Profile on Guru

1.                  Sign Up

So, it’s your first time here. Just like Facebook or any other social websites, you need to create an account on Guru by signing up to be recognized as a member.

In order to sign up, you are required to provide,

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address, (always make sure to use an email that you have access to) remember you can always create an email address freely on Gmail or Yahoo.
  • A password that is hard to guess but easy for you to remember.

Guru has different accounts that are tailored to different needs. As a freelancer, be sure to sign up for the right account.

After filling out the credentials listed above, click the ‘Continue’ button which leads you to the step 2 window. This window is very important, this is where you brand yourself.

2.                  Complete Your Profile

First of all, you are required to upload a professional profile photo. No informal ‘selfies’ please! get a good photo of yourself, have it saved in either JPG, GIF or PNG picture formats. Its size should not exceed 10MB. Please note that only Guru’s with profile photos will appear in search results, so yes, it is important to upload a photo.

Below the profile photo, there is a section for business goals. The importance of listing your business goals is to help Guru know your preferences. Here you are provided with a drop-down list where you can add five business goals. You are required to arrange these business goals in order of rank. There is a provision for disabling the goals that don’t interest you.

Below the business goals are more questions. These are questions enquiring on private session clients and whether you’d want Guru to help you get more clients. Choose what fits you.

The next bracket is in your area of expertise. Here, you are required to select 1-5 activities. Do this, click the Save button and you will be directed to the next page, which is your dashboard.

Now you are a proud owner of a Guru profile. You are a Guru. The only task ahead is for you to shape it in a manner that clearly defines you. When potential clients look at your profile, they should be able to tell who you are and what makes you the ideal freelancer.

Managing Your Guru Profile to Rank Among the Best

Be Transparent

As earlier mentioned, your dashboard is yours to manipulate. By editing the ‘about’ section on the profile, you can attach files and videos that serve as testimonials. You can tag your team members along, their photos or even Curriculum Vitae’s. This portrays transparency which increases your profile’s attractiveness.

Give Specific Examples

To give prospective employers an idea of what to expect from you, provide samples of work you have done in the past. These images items help you stand out in searches.

To include images on your profile follow the following steps

  • Select the services option under your profile
  • Select the service you wish to edit
  • After work collections is the featured work collection, which will normally be followed by all work collections you may have added.
  • Drag your desired sample to the relevant service right above the featured bar.

Build Your Portfolio

Your portfolio needs to be loaded with work collections. Evidence of work done makes your profile look strong and attractive. Update your collections regularly with the best work done.

Customize Your Work Collections

Each time you are making an application for a project, try and make a customized work collection that relates to the work posted by an employer. For instance, graphic design work should be backed up by collections of graphic design work done before.

By following the above guidelines, you are on the right path to the best profile on Guru.