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Freelancing Online and Why I settled for Transcription

My name is Nelson Samoei. A young, ambitious, and hardworking Kenyan. I am a graduate from Kisii University with a degree in Information Technology. I am the founder of

While streaming YouTube videos back at school, an ad popped up in the middle of an interesting clip I was watching and I decided to follow and see what it had for me; it was about earning $$ online. I did not know that that ad was the stepping stone to my online success.

While eager to learn and earn some $$ online, I came across the government-sponsored Ajira Digital program where I enrolled in their training on online work.

During the training, I acquired many skills and I was introduced to various online job opportunities such as

  • Transcription (the conversion of audio formats into text)
  • Data Entry (the entry and updating of data)
  • Web research (gathering data using Internet-based tools and resources)
  • Virtual Assistance (serving as PA for the potential online clients)
  • Content Writing/Article Writing (developing materials for websites, promotions, adverts etc.)
  • Social Media Marketing (marketing of products and services using social media platforms) among others.

I was more interested in transcription and I felt like that is what my heart wanted and it is what I would do. I went ahead and read more about transcription and looked for expert transcribers to guide me on how/where they started from.

Why I settled on Transcription

Transcription has been one of the fastest growing freelancing opportunities. In this piece, I will highlight a few reasons as to why I chose and settled for transcription.

The Flexibility of Working Hours

Like many other online job opportunities, I get to have time for other businesses as well as major in other interests. However, this requires great self-discipline since I have to determine the hours I will work each day.

Depending on your schedule, it is possible for you to plan time for different projects. If you happen to be a stay at home mom, you can still care and spend time with your children while earning great amounts of cash.

Advancing My Knowledge

As a person who loves to learn new things, I found transcription very good for me. Depending on the assignments that you decide to work on in transcription, you find that you get to gain knowledge in that particular field. For example, if you choose to specialize in medical transcripts, you gain and advance your knowledge in the medical field.

Overcoming Challenges

There is no work that does not have its challenges. As a transcriptionist, I get to come across different kinds of challenges. There is great satisfaction when you accomplish something that you had not imagined yourself achieving. In transcription, it is not just about typing every word you hear, you also need to have some grammatical skills in order to deliver quality work. You also get to heighten your concentration skills.

Minimum Investment

When I looked into the kind of investment required to work as a transcriptionist, I found that it was affordable yet lucrative in the long run. In transcription, you only need to have quality headphones or earphones, internet connectivity, and a device such as a laptop or a PC. With this simple starter kit, I was able to start transcribing and earn great amounts of income.

Working as a transcriptionist may seem as a hard task in the beginning, but as time goes by, one gets accustomed to it and it gets easier.

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