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Freelancing in the 254

My name is Nina. I was working at a bank here in Nairobi as a temporary contract staff when I discovered the world of freelance writing. I stumbled on an ad in one of the online classifieds and they were looking for writers. I felt I was up to the task as I really enjoyed writing compositions way back when I was in secondary school. I sent in my sample, it was vetted and approved, and like they say, the rest is history.

There is an increasing number of Kenyan youth today who are unemployed. Kenyan universities churn out a million graduates every year and sadly, there are not enough opportunities for all of them to be absorbed into the job market. Some of these graduates who find it difficult to secure jobs may opt to be self-employed and others may choose to work as freelancers.

There are many ways that one can be a freelancer, not just in the writing field. You can be a freelancer in an Administrative capacity. A good example of this is an Executive Virtual Assistant. This job entails calling potential customers and selling specific goods/services to them. If you have a legal or a medical background, why not debunk some of that jargon and work as a Freelance Translator? Didn’t study medicine or law? Not to worry, you can come from literally any academic background and still work as a freelancer. Accountants, Graphic designers, Digital marketers, IT specialists, web designers and app developers (just to name a few) are all highly sought after.

There are numerous advantages of freelance writing. For one, it is a good source of additional income. If you are interning somewhere and need extra chumz you can consider freelance writing. If it is the only thing you are doing you may need to push yourself to the limit to complete as many quality articles as you can.  The hard work is always worth it in the end. Once you start becoming a better writer you will notice that clients trust you with more work. If you feel overwhelmed by the volumes of articles that need to be completed, you can outsource the work and pay your assistants.

Another advantage of freelance writing is the flexibility. You choose your own hours. Please note however that some of the articles you will work on will have deadlines so ensure you adhere to them and then move on to do your own things. Thirdly, you do not require much to begin freelance writing. You just need your laptop and a good internet connection. The internet connection is for doing research on the web for the wide variety of articles you will be writing.

A crucial thing to note about freelance writing for online articles is that it is strictly forbidden to plagiarize somebody else’s work. Be very cautious with spelling and grammar as well. To gain some more insight on freelance writing in Kenya, check out the AjiraDigital Kenya Government Program website.


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