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Creating a Killer Freelancing Profile That Will Attract Clients

So, what skills do you possess? Are you good at writing, coding, transcription, photography, drawing, painting, web design, graphic design, sales, online marketing, name it? Ever considered using your skills to earn good money as a freelancer?

This article will guide you on how to create a killer freelancing profile that will help you attract the best clients.

To be able to capture the attention and interest of potential clients. It is important to create an excellent profile.

Tips on Creating the Best Freelancing Profile to Attract New Clients

Upload a Professional Friendly Profile Photo

I know we all love group photos and selfies but when building your profile as a freelancer, make it professional but appealing. The photo should be of good quality and well taken. Try and take your profile photo against a cool background. Cool indicates a sense of composure.

Please don’t use fake profile photos

Many people are tempted to use photos of people they think are more attractive. Please do not do this. Using a false pic might bite you later, e.g. when a client requests for a Skype video chat.

Give an Attractive Overview of Yourself

An overview allows you to tell clients more about yourself. This should be done in as few words as possible, and each word should count. The overview should have what’s most important (why should you list what is not important, anyway).

When talking about yourself, always use the 1st person narrative. For instance, instead of saying, ‘Rachael has been developing computer programs for different companies since 2012’ say ‘I have been developing computer programs for different companies since 2012’. The 1st person narrative creates a sense of ownership.

Do not hesitate to subtly brag about your achievements and experience.

Got Some Skills? Outline Them

One of the most complex tasks for many job seekers is convincing a potential client that you have the ability to get a job done. Let your skills help you.

Your profile should contain a list of the skills that you possess. These skills should relate to your job category and or the prospective jobs that you would like to apply for. For example, if you are good at web design, including skills in graphic design and web hosting could be very helpful.

Include Your Work History

Experience is the best teacher, or so they say. Ideally, you get to know and discover more while on the job. As such, freelancers need to bolster their profile with their employment history.

Just make sure that the information you give here is true, you never know who your potential client is linked to. In this part, you could also indicate recognitions and awards that you have ever received, especially those related to the skills in your profile.

Don’t fret over it though, if you don’t have one yet; it’s okay. We all start somewhere.

Real Names, Please!

Picture this; you are a client looking for an online freelancer to add to your list of employees. You request for qualified freelancers to apply for the job. You get two applicants. One, ‘Shirobabez’ and another ‘Tom Juma.’ Tuongee tuu ukweli, whom would you go for?

Your answer is as good as mine. No matter how attractive you think your nickname is, don’t use it on your freelance profile.

Add Simple But Clear Job Titles

In many cases, clients have little or no time to read through poorly done profiles. Let your job title stand out. This way the client knows what to expect from you. For example;

Tom Juma

Credited & Experienced Accountant

This is a simple and straightforward title that speaks volumes. Try to focus on keywords that will capture the client’s attention and help build confidence in your abilities.

Job Samples

You do not have any reviews or ratings on the freelancing site yet, so how will you showcase your skills and abilities?

Samples are the best solution. Any potential client will need to see snippets of your previous work. This is because a sample is the physical proof of your skill, creativity, and suitability for any given project.

However, the trick is to pick the best samples of your work to showcase. It is a little bit like a pony show: a trainer will only showcase a horse that has been polished and scrimped to perfection. In the same way, tweak your sample until it is an accurate representation of just how awesome you are.

Give the potential client an idea of what to expect from you. For instance, if you specialize in video editing, you could upload samples that showcase your best works. Photographers can post some of their best shots and so on.

Do Some Tests

Some freelancing sites such as Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer provide tests that can be done by freelancers to prove their skills in specific areas. Some of these tests are free, some you will need to pay for them. These tests are a sure way of convincing clients that you are competent enough in a given field.

You should not worry about the results too much. Once you do a test and perform poorly, you can always hide the results and redo the test at a future date.


Your profile should market you as the best talent in the market. As a freelancer, you need to keep on working on your profile regularly. Each achievement is a call for you to update your profile. Whether it’s on Guru, Linkedin, Upwork, or any other freelancing site.

A complete profile makes you more marketable. Freelancers should ensure that their profile is complete at 100%.

With the above tips on creating the ultimate freelancing profile, you can be sure of developing a strong and rich client base.