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Categories in Online Writing/ Website Content Development

1.      Advertising/ copywriting

An advertising copywriter is tasked with generating content for advertising campaigns, promotions, and brochures. They should be able to produce precise yet influential messages. Advertising copywriting involves producing exclusive content for common subjects.

Advertising copywriters are ideal for you if you are aiming at maintaining or promoting brands. If you are an aspiring advertising copywriter, you can produce content for web home pages, landing pages, or online advertising agencies.

Advertising copywriting jobs can be found in various freelancing websites. In addition, copywriters can cold pitch. This is the process of sending promotional content directly to prospective clients.

2.     Technical Writing

Technical writing is developing content aimed at describing, giving instructions or directions on complex subjects. A technical writer is usually tasked with writing complex stuff in simple terms in order to make it easily understandable to the ordinary reader. A technical writer produces various types of content such as;

  • Manuals
  • How-to informational content
  • Guides
  • FAQs

An ideal technical writer should be; meticulous, accurate, efficient, analytical, and a sequential thinker. They should be able to generate coherent content for the sake of non-technical readers. 

In technical writing, many times one is required to have prior academic knowledge on the subject matter. E.g. when writing on engineering subjects, a background on engineering would be helpful.

3.     Social media writing

As the word suggests, this type of writing involves generating social media content. Good social media content should capture the reader, stimulate conversations, and lead to action. A good social media writer should be able to;

  • Understand when and how to utilize questions, links, hashtags, authoritative statements, and polls, in order to attract and maintain a massive following.
  • Generate customized content that resonates with the needs and characteristics of diverse social media platforms.
  • Know the peak posting times and frequency for different social media platforms. This augments interactions.
  • Have basic knowledge on how to operate multiple touch content features. This comes in handy especially because sometimes, many conversations that begin on social media provide content for various types of media such as community forums and company websites.

A social media writer is tasked with generating and regenerating irresistible social media graphics and posts. Many times, companies lack adequate bandwidth or internal competence to accomplish these tasks and they have to outsource.

4.     Business Writing

Business writing involves tackling reports, press releases, business proposals, advertising content, speeches, and pamphlets.

5.      Grant writing 

Grant writing involves finalizing a funding application procedure catered for by an organization such as a foundation, a government department, trust, or corporation.

A good grant writer should understand his target audience, and customize the content accordingly. In addition, he should be organized and meticulous.

A grant writer should ensure that their content conforms to particular preconditions of the grant allocating firm. Remember that grants come with tight submission deadlines. They should therefore, be timely enough in order to maximize a company’s chances of winning.

Grant writers are tasked with understanding a company’s vision, mission, objectives, and details, and using the same to generate a captivating proposal.

6.     Periodical Writing

A periodical writer can also be described as a newspaper writer. With the advent and popularity of the internet, periodical writers can now promote and sell their content promptly and with ease. This has revolutionized the news writing and delivery industry, with writers able to update readers with events as they happen.

A periodical or newspaper writer must be impartial and objective. Editorial writers also fall in this category and are tasked with analyzing various circumstances such as current affairs, economic, and political happenings. Periodical writers can also give reviews on books, movies, and music.

7.     Influencer Content

Influencer writing focuses on authoritative people as opposed to the target market.

In this case, companies identify people who have an impact on prospective buyers and launch marketing procedures around them. An influencer does not have to post content on your company’s social media pages. However, they promote the content to numerous people across the divide.

An influencer is someone who has a massive following on their social media platforms and is tasked with giving your content and brand the ultimate credibility. Influencers should understand their area of expertise, be passionate, and trustworthy. In addition, they should possess the strong motivation and the absolute power of positive thinking.

8.      Instructional Writing

An instructional writer is usually tasked with generating educational content which may include; online tutorials and lessons, textbooks, online courses, test questions, examination, and tutoring materials.

Some organizations require instructional writers to operate both writing and course development, while others require proficient people in a specific field to design suitable instructional content.  

9.     SEO Copywriting

SEO writing plays a major role in enhancing a website’s visibility in search engines. If a website has good content and is well optimized, it will appear in the first pages when individuals search a topic in its niche.

This increases traffic towards the website mainly generated from search engine users. SEO is especially important for sites seeking to get a massive audience and traffic.

Currently, search engine optimization content writing job opportunities are in high demand. Therefore, having basic knowledge about SEO increases your chances of getting hired, and guarantees the employer valuable input and brand success.

An SEO writer should be able to integrate phrases and keywords within the content to augment search benefit. Having keyword research knowledge is an added advantage.  

10.  Ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is an individual who writes books, articles, blogs, and other writings on behalf of someone else. In this case, all the credit goes to the employer.

A good example of ghostwriting would be various books series and autobiographies. Many popular individuals hire ghostwriters to write their autobiographies.

Ghostwriters should possess various traits which include;

  • Discretion. They should adhere to the contract arrangement and respect their client’s privacy. This restricts them from revealing client information without prior authorization.
  • Organized, enthusiastic, and experienced in the specific niche
  • Versatile, innovative, and have excellent interviewing skills.

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