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I have always been scholastically inclined and was thus able to graduate from J.K.U.A.T. in 2011 with a BSc. Chemistry and Statistics. I was fortunate enough to land a job as a casual worker at an established agrochemical company in Nairobi. At the time, I thought that by portraying notable competence above the level of fellow workers, I would secure a permanent entry-level position. However, this did not happen even after nine months of grueling work, which is why I opted to seek alternative employment as a teacher.


Teaching was way better than casual work, except that the termination of B.O.M. teachers could be sudden and inexplicable. In most cases, loss of employment occurred when government-posted T.S.C. teachers arrived at their assigned workstation. After abruptly losing employment from two schools in succession, I realized that I had to look for a back-up source of income. I was, therefore, eager to begin working as a writer when a friend referred me to the Online Article Writers Kenya Facebook group page. Back then, in 2014, the group was open to anyone who wanted to join and become a writer.

At the onset of my writing journey, the lack of experience meant that I got little from writing assignments. As a consequence, I would shift to teaching whenever such work was available. I alternated writing and teaching for six years when I decided to abandon teaching and focus on writing in 2019 completely. This move was because the government had banned secondary schools from hiring untrained/non-TSC teachers. Since July last year, I have been writing consistently and have now garnered a cumulative writing experience of 3 whole years.

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