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Achieving My Dreams as a Freelancer in Online Writing

Growing up I had the usual big ambitions. I did not have a clue that I could ever engage in something such as online writing where one works from home.

My idea of work was waking up early, dressing up for work, staying out all day and coming back in the evening all worn out. Having observed this trend with many adults as a kid, I did not, and could not, comprehend the concept of working from home.

Educational & Working History

My teachers always encouraged me to work hard so that I could eventually have a good career. I did not disappoint.

I later took a course in public relations. I envisioned myself working in a busy PR firm, rubbing shoulders with gurus in the industry.

After graduation, I had a few experiences working with different organizations. I realized that working on a job that does not really make you happy leaves you frustrated.

Getting a good job became a challenge for me. Small jobs in different fields paid my bills for some time but I never really enjoyed or experienced any satisfaction from the jobs.

Enter Freelance Writing

I always knew that I loved writing. I realized that I was somewhat talented in writing during one open day back in campus when I watched an audience laugh at my articles that were displayed in our communication group section.

The articles drew so much attention and from a distance, I could hear some people ask who Lillian was. That was indeed an eye-opener for me.

After trying out several jobs that did not really impress me, I decided to try out online freelancing after listening to the advice of several people and from reading articles on the internet.

My first experience with freelancing however ended in disappointment.

Being a beginner in online freelancing is not easy. People are not willing to spend their time training newbies. Lack of proper guidance kills the hope for many newbies.

At some point, I also felt like giving up especially after I fell prey to scams in freelance writing. I, however, kept strong and I continued writing articles and sharing them on social media platforms.

I got positive feedback and this encouraged me to take online writing seriously. I then knew that there was no way I was giving up on online writing even though I was not yet earning.


Meeting Timothy was a life-changing experience. His patience made me believe in myself.

The journey has not only been satisfying but now it is also paying off. As an online freelancer, I am able to pay my bills as I enjoy the learning adventure.

It has taken me some time to realize that I could earn from my hobby and skills but here I am, achieving dreams as a freelancer in online writing.