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20 Hobby Related Jobs that can Earn you Good Money Online

Did you know that you can use your favorite skills and hobbies to earn good money online? There is a widespread misconception that online freelancing jobs revolve around writing skills. While it is true that many online jobs need some writing skills, there are many fun jobs that that can earn you a good consistent income without any advanced writing skills.

My name is Lillian. With the high rate of unemployment in Kenya, there are numerous online jobs to help people like me put food on my table. Through training and some experience, I have been able to gain some skills that I can now use to earn online. Below are some of the most incredible online jobs that you could also try out.

1.      Photography/ Selling Your Photos and Videos

Do you love photography, or do you have photos that you can sell? If yes, then you can make some good money online! It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur.

Kenya is a beautiful country with amazing scenery, wildlife, and amazing people. You would be amazed at how much that photo you captured during your road trip could fetch you online!

You could also sell your personal photos! Kenyans love selfies. Those selfies that you delete after a short time could fetch you some good money if sold online.

Some sites that buy photos include

There are many more sites that can pay you for your photos. Some sites will accept your photos easily, some are stricter. Different sites have different pay rates.

2.      YouTube Videos

Today, with the advancement of technology, and the affordability of devices that can capture good videos, anybody can capture great videos. You can upload this videos on YouTube and if many people get to watch your video you can make good money from it. You can make videos on almost anything so long as people will be interested to watch the video.

You could make tutorial videos, funny clips, shocking videos, or anything and post it. Making money through YouTube videos is easy as it is all managed by Google Adsense.

Remember to observe YouTube policies when posting your videos.

3.      Completing Simple Online Surveys

There are many companies around the world that are willing to pay people to try their products or services for free then giving an opinion. These surveys greatly help the companies to get an idea of what the market wants and how they can improve their products. Different companies have different rates that they pay for these surveys.

Some sites that pay for surveys include

4.      Get Paid Playing Video Games

Do you love video games? Do you spend hours playing games? Then you should consider getting paid for the time you spend on the games. Gaming companies pay professional and amateur gamers to test their games. You could also record your games and post them on YouTube for other gamers to watch or as tutorials. This way you can earn easy money doing what you love!

Some sites that you can check out for this include

5.      Selling Art online

For people passionate and talented in art, you can easily sell your piece of work through online platforms such as Etsy. These are websites that helps artists express themselves through art and décor. Don’t feel limited if you are not in this category. You can also sell items like clothes and gifts through Etsy.

6.      Review websites and Apps for a fee

Reviewing websites and apps can make you forget about ever looking for a job. In order to gain from it, you need to make yourself conversant with the products and the target audience. You can also create a website and write reviews to make someone buy a product therefore earning you commission.

Reviewing apps for free is also a job that can help you gain money online. For instance, the Hitpesa App is an app that is being implemented by businesses to advertise their products to target market.

App reviews through mobile phones helps them get a wider market. You can download this app from Google play store. As a user of this app, you can get rewards like airtime or cash just by viewing ads and providing feedback.

7.    Video Transcription

Are you keen on details and fast in typing? Consider becoming a video transcriber. By converting audio content to written format, you could get paid good money for it. Some of the sites for video transcribers include:

8.    Source Property for Wealthy investors (brokers)

With all the hustle that comes with looking for a vacant house in Kenya, online brokers have made it easier. Do you want to advertise property online and gain from it? It is now very easy for you to become an agent of a certain property (or anything) through advertising it online.

Taking pictures of the said property and giving a brief description would attract customers to call. Don’t forget to give your contacts below the description and wait for them to call. Give them a wide variety to choose from and charge for your services.

Some of these sites include:

9.    Online Market trading

For investors who want to trade online, this is a good way to earn money. Depending on the type of commodities, it is now easy for you to trade online. By marketing your commodities online, you would be increasing your publicity and eventually people would purchase your products. Such websites include:

10.  Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website a blog or even a social media account, you can easily promote all kinds of products here and get commissions. You can get as high as 11% commission through bank transfer. Use banners and text links to advertise your product so that you capture a large target market.

11.  Graphic Design

By coming up with a cool graphic and posting it on a website, a company can use it for branding. Graphics differentiate companies and a good logo stands out. Therefore, if you are a good graphic designer, you would get customers buying your work through different online platforms  like conquest capital limited. You could also work for clients around making designs for them for a fee. You can get clients through numerous freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiver.

12.  Network Marketing

The difference between this type of marketing and affiliate marketing is that here, you are paid based on your individual sales and the sales of the company at large.  Network marketing works best if it is done as a team. You can accumulate income through this kind of marketing online and never feel the need to look for another job.

Some sites that you can check out for this include:

13.  Programming (coding)

Are you thinking of starting a career in programming? Through coding, you can earn income by solving simple day to day problems, or if you are good, complex problems. You can get private or corporate clients from all around the world through online platforms.

Programming languages like Java can be learnt from and Udermy. C languages can be learnt from CProgramming.

14.  App development

Are you good at App development? Then you can think of coming up with an app that can not only help Kenyans, but also help you earn some good money. To achieve this, you can utilize on already available tools online, and app stores where you can upload your Apps. Through users’ downloads, you would get your cash.

15.  Forex Trading

Let your money work for you through Forex trading. Forex trading allows you to buy currency and wait for some time for you to sell the currency. It allows you to gauge the value of the shilling on different days since currency rates keep on fluctuating.

For instance, if you bought 10,000 us dollars in January at the rate of 90.75ksh for a dollar, you paid KSH 907,500 when buying it then. After holding the currency for a couple of  months, the rate of Us dollars goes up to 100 KES per USD. Selling it now will give a profit of 92,500 since you will have gotten one million shillings.

So from the above, you can tell that you bought the dollars cheaper than you sold them therefore earning you money.

Examples of forex sites include:

16.  Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Ever wondered if money could be doubled? Buy bitcoin today and be assured to retain original value or even double your money. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is virtual. You can easily earn from it through trading it or mining it. You can also buy, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies.

You can trade cryptocurrencies at or

17.  Domain Flipping

This is a creative way of buying and selling domains. For you to gain from it, you can buy a domain name, keep it for some time and later sell it to someone who needs it. For it to work, choose a domain that will be easy for you to sell.

18.  Create online courses/ Tutorials

What is your hobby? It could be painting, cooking or even drawing. Through your hobby, you can easily create courses online and train people at a certain fee. By incorporating a video to illustrate what you are talking about, this information would lure more viewers.

19.  Blogging

Do you want to share personal views on certain issues? Start a blog today and engage people. You can create a free blog or start with a cheaply hosted website. A blog can earn you great amounts of money if you can post attractive stuff that will attract a lot of traffic to your site.

20.  Kindle Publishing

This platform gives you an opportunity to write your own book and publish it here. It makes it easier for your readers from all over the world to see your book therefore earning you income through this form of advertisement. It makes it easy for you to self-publish your eBook.