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10 Examples of People Well Suited to Working Online

Online work is a growing trend that both employees and employers are quickly getting to appreciate. This mode of work proves to be more convenient because, among other things, it eliminates travel time from home to the workplace. According to a Reuter’s poll, one in five workers around the world is a telecommuter. Telecommuting is defined in as “working at home by using a computer terminal electronically linked to one’s place of employment.”

Telecommuting in Kenya is an option that is growing, although not as fast as it has in first world countries. Incorporating this option in our businesses could lead to high yields in productivity and greatly improve the traffic situation in major towns, especially Nairobi. Some job descriptions don’t require one to be physically present at the workplace.

Millennials have been exposed to technology from a very early age which makes them very tech-savvy. According to the business daily, with the rising unemployment rate, most graduates are opting for telework as their main source of income.

Below are some categories of workers who have found it very convenient to work from home.

1. Writers

Since time immemorial, writers have always preferred to create their bestsellers in isolated privacy. Therefore telecommuting was an added advantage to them. This has now opened doors for article writers. Before, they had to clock into work in places such as news agency offices but now, researching and submitting articles can be done from home.

2. Educators

Being in the technological age has opened doors for online education. Accredited institutions provide courses online and they are constantly looking for well-trained online tutors, lecturers, and professors.

3. Stay At Home Moms

With this option, mothers are still able to be a part of their children’s upbringing while still being able to put in some work. In all honesty, the work culture throughout the ages has not been extremely favorable to mothers and pregnant women. Telecommuting could prove to be a solution that works best for everyone. This way, employees still put in work while on maternity leave and employers do not have to worry about paid leave.

4. Medical Experts

Individuals who are well equipped in their specific medical fields can greatly benefit from online work. This includes doctors, nurses, biological professors, psychiatrists etc. They are given the chance to share their experience in their fields in interactive websites as well as phone call consultations for a fee. They can also publish articles on commonly asked questions. This can be done part-time while still making time for physical appointments.

5. Bookkeepers

A vast majority of online jobs out there are related to bookkeeping. For instance, a company that wants to move all its documents into a digital filing system will require a bookkeeper who can type fast and precisely. This doesn’t need an individual to be at a designated desk. This is a great opportunity, especially for university students. It can be done during their free time and provide a bit of pocket money.

6. Sales People

Those who are well versed in the art of sales have a worldwide market that they can tap into. Apps such as Jumia and Kilimall are good examples of successful e-commerce. The online platform is open to anyone with a product to sell.

7. Computer Related Skills and IT Technicians

This is for people who are highly proficient with all things computers. It is also a great field for students who are especially studying computer related studies. There are a vast amount of options in this field. Jobs include coding, graphic design, website maintenance, computer repair through a call center, or provide solutions for problems posted online.

8. Interpreters

Due to globalization, knowing two or more languages is a skill that many strive to achieve. Some job descriptions under this include interpreters and translators. These include working on books, court cases, and any other form of communication that needs to be translated from one language to another. It is a skill that will always be useful and could earn you a lot of money. This can be done part-time and by anyone skilled enough.

9. Project manager

Are you a good planner? Project management involves planning, budgeting and overseeing the success of projects. This can be done remotely through telecommuting. It can be done part-time without interfering with your office work.

10. Customer care

This field represents one of the top industries that is rapidly growing in telecommuting. According to a study done for the Adoption of Telecommuting in Safaricom, it found that incorporating telecommuting into its business model had a lot of benefits.

Sum up

These are just a few of the fields that thrive in the online market. Essentially, with the right business model and proper infrastructure such as fiber optic cables, it would be safe to say that telecommuting would greatly improve Kenya’s economic input through the increase of productivity and time.

There are a couple of strategy models that can be borrowed from countries like India and the United States. If the government implemented one of them, it would ease the unemployment rate in Kenya and improve the country’s GDP.